Dear Pain, You Are Beautiful

I twist and turn , bound by the shackles of uncertainity and despair, yet my soul relishes on you, an electric rush of overwhelming grief. The way my eyes glisten up everytime you get a little more stronger….is beautiful. The way drops of pearl leave the abode of my eyes for their way into oblivion….is […]

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Dear Deep Dark Secrets

I prefer to live with the harrowing truth buried deep in my bosom , eating away at my soul till the last shred of me gleams with the horror of that moment, that moment when I stumbled upon his deep dark secrets and all hell broke loose…..

All for the sake of him….

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Dear Readers , THANK YOU!!

Dear lovely readers, This popped up in my notifications bar today and left me with a wide satisfactory grin on my face. I am grateful to whoever cared to stop by this little space of mine and lend me their attention. I am humbled , I truly am, ’cause I would have literally spent a […]

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Dear Departed

Your soul lay in close proximity, to which mine felt connected.The temptation to brush it off as delusional ebbed and flowed in my heart. At last I let it go, because it had felt enlightening and divine.

And somethings are better left unexplained…..

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