Dear Coolest Kid in Class

Dear coolest kid in class, I guess I haven’t stopped wanting to be you. I was never like you to begin with. I remember the bus ride back home from our class 10 school picnic. Reckless teens cramped in a mini bus, the atmosphere was pregnant with euphoria. And I forced myself to believe I…


  Dear winds of PRM, It is our 1 year anniversary today! A year worth of memories – good and bad, you have seen it all. You have seen me crumble under the humongous mountain of expectations and then rise from my ruins , picking up my pieces and putting them  together in a messy…

Dear Person I Last Called

My lip line was beginning to curl down in a frown , I could feel the corners of my lip drooping. As much as I hated  this feeling, deep down, I knew that my face was far too used to it for my own good.

Dear Pain, You Are Beautiful

I twist and turn , bound by the shackles of uncertainity and despair, yet my soul relishes on you, an electric rush of overwhelming grief. The way my eyes glisten up everytime you get a little more stronger….is beautiful. The way drops of pearl leave the abode of my eyes for their way into oblivion….is…

Dear Deep Dark Secrets

I prefer to live with the harrowing truth buried deep in my bosom , eating away at my soul till the last shred of me gleams with the horror of that moment, that moment when I stumbled upon his deep dark secrets and all hell broke loose…..

All for the sake of him….

Dear Readers , THANK YOU!!

Dear lovely readers, This popped up in my notifications bar today and left me with a wide satisfactory grin on my face. I am grateful to whoever cared to stop by this little space of mine and lend me their attention. I am humbled , I truly am, ’cause I would have literally spent a…

Dear Not-Any-More-Best Friend

It has been painful to know that you betrayed me, lied to me, that I was never as important a part of your universe as you were of mine. Somewhere between being emotional confidants to not even responding to texts for days together, I guess life happened.

Dear Departed

Your soul lay in close proximity, to which mine felt connected.The temptation to brush it off as delusional ebbed and flowed in my heart. At last I let it go, because it had felt enlightening and divine.

And somethings are better left unexplained…..

Dear Fidgety-Diggity Heart

Promises wouldn’t have meant a thing , had she made them to others. She made them to herself, she set the bars high.