Dear Not-Any-More-Best Friend


Dear Friend,

Hope you are doing well, wherever you are , caught in the web of life, giving in to life’s tantrums and doing what situations force you to do.

I just wanted you to know, that meanwhile, it has been hard for me . Hard for me to live , to breathe , to come to terms with what you did to me….

It has been painful to know that you betrayed me, lied to me, that I was never as important a part of your universe as you were of mine. Somewhere between being emotional confidants to not even responding to texts for days together, I guess life happened.

You got better friends and a better life I suppose….

This set me thinking , made me introspect and fish out my lacunae. I let very few people have a window into my personal bubble, you were one of them. I dare say that was a privilege , for my soul is a rare one, encased inside a shield for the fear of intruders.But alas! I wonder why did it take me this long to realize you weren’t a savior but an invader instead .

Will you be happy to know that I have pushed myself into that same shell of self depreciation that you helped me come out of years ago?

Will it suffice for you to know that you have injured the foundation of my faith in the virtue of friendship? Thanks to you, now I have something I never had before- trust issues.

But a part of me, a small part of me, still loves you , still wishes to have the comfort of 2 am conversations with you, still hopes to get you back in a way better than before.

Don’t worry , our friendship hasn’t been futile.

It has taught me that my trust and faith are precious , giving them away will require stricter caution than before…

That self- love and self -worth should be my priorities.

That no one can be as important to me as me , myself and I.


Yours Truly.



41 thoughts on “Dear Not-Any-More-Best Friend

  1. Best friends are nothing.i have a 100% proof whatever i say.
    The life experiences I took through my broken heart’ s parts ! Just filled hatred and hatred that made nthing left to care much!
    Everybody here is your foe no best friends nothing.
    Just your family and you ! That’s it!
    Trust me when you find your inner you
    Then you don’t need anyone to interfere in you and your life! No supports would be indeed!😃😇

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    1. totally agreeing with you there💖
      i’ve now taken a lesson and i am trying to work on my confidence and love myself instead of craving others’ validation😇
      I consider myself to really lucky to have parents who are really close to me and I can talk to them about literally anything under the sun…what you said is absolutely right, except family all are fake and just a passing phase😶


  2. Couldn’t be more beautifully crafted, I’m sure many could relate, it’s about having a glimpse of light to find yourself pushed in the same black hole. Keep writing 🙂

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